All classes run on a drop-in/punch card system

5-class card =$45, 10-class card = $85

Pay per class w/o punch card = $10

Buy classes and punch cards here:

People interested in our Teen/Adult classes include:

  • Experienced dancers looking for more studio time to supplement their training.
  • “Former” dancers who want to continue to take class or are returning to class after not taking for several years.
  • Inexperienced dancers 15 and up who want to try out dance and may eventually transition to pre-professional training.
  • All the rest of us who would love to take dance as a fun form of fitness.
  • Attire is very flexible.  Any fitness wear is acceptable.  Ballet shoes, Jazz shoes or socks can be worn for ballet/Lyrical classes, Tap shoes for Tap class.
  • Adult schedules can be erratic.  We offer a punch-card program with 5-class and 10-class card options for as little as $8.50 per class! There is no registration fee for adults.


Ballet Sculpt (September -May only)

Ballet Sculpt is a fitness class that incorporates low intensity cardio, ballet barre routines, pilates matte-based exercises, thera-band resistance training and full body stretching, to build functional strength, increase flexibility, balance and agility, and help to foster a mind-body connection for better overall health and well-being.

Instructor: Bridget Blake

Tuesday 8:00-9:00 am


Ladies Combination Class

For the more experienced adult student.  Ballet, Jazz and Tap – follows a classic structure, barre-work, center and progressions,  choreography and routines taught!

Instructor: Pat Foster

Monday 6:30pm-8:00 pm



What’s New

    Registration for our summer session classes will be open to the public on April 23rd!

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